Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It Don't Get Easier, Man.

fotocred: steffano giovanni (band's site)

The Magik Markers, dood! They play real great and tell good jokes and the whole thing spells megaton bomb to me. Tough not to be excited about these cats, and with the shape my bladder's in, I can tell you I try not to get excited very often. M2, which is what I call them when I don't want to write out their whole name (abbreviations save type-type time) have burned a whole through their native Eastern seaboard with one of the best live shows in America today. Presently they're taking the medicine international, touring Europe and Asia in support of their duel 2005 releases I Trust My Guitar, Etc. and Thee Majik Marquers. 4Teez n' Blunse roving reporter Slappy "Slapheart" Golightly cornered frontladies Elisa Ambrogio and Leah Quimby at the band's first show following April's Brooklyn underground music gathering No Fun Fest. In addition to being actually good looking, these ingenues beat up their audience and then hug them to salvation, and are in such synchronized symbiotic blues that they provide the same answers to the big queries. Bammity bammity boom.




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